We reasonably were thinking that Discover card should help, because we got nothing in our pocket and hands. Discover More vs. When I reported it to Discover they admitted they were wrong and removed all the late charges for those payments, but they refused to remove the negative items on my credit report which means for the next 7 years I have to pay for their mistake by having bad credit. Please contact us at [email protected], i have had a discover card for 15 years I had recently received a letter that my card limit had been reduced from $7500 to $500 a little drastic I have never been late on any credit card car loan anything I don't understand why I used the card I paid it right off like I said I have never been late on anything so out of frustration I canceled the card I truly don't understand why they did this I have cards much higher but I used discover for the points and had a great relasionship with them but I guess I was wrong. To people who say I should be responsible, I have paid every other bill I have ever had, in life, in full and on time, with NO ISSUES - So why not Discover? Excellent online resource for those who need to learn about money management and how to stay out of debt. The agent who was promoting and selling Marriott timeshare has disappeared. Capital One MUCH better! Get buying tips about Credit Cards delivered to your inbox. However, Discover did not honor this request and did nothing to get $2, 500.00 back from Marriott, or at least acted like that. The website makes it easy to apply for an account and set up payments. Copyright © 2020 Consumers Unified LLC. Credit Cards and Plans in Riverwoods, IL. I will not cease in praying that they get what they deserve. We have no more energy left to fight Discover card to stop charging Viatcheslav to pay for nothing. Free FICO credit score: This complaint against both Marriott and Discover Credit Card Financial Services that both in secret conspiracy in the dark terrorizing our family ever since 2013 and still ongoing. We will acknowledge receipt of your complaint and give you a reference number within 24 hours. Discover personal loans are a product of Discover Financial Services, Inc., an Illinois-based company that is best known for its credit cards. Enjoy reading our tips and recommendations. Occasionally, it was discovered that Timeshare Business is not so good to be true as promised and in one month attempt was made to cancel that tricky Timeshare agreement, but agent was not found and subsequently the Discover Card was asked to put charges in dispute. DISCOVER CARD Ripoff Reports, Complaints, Reviews, Scams, Lawsuits and Frauds Reported Your Search: Discover Card. Insufficient English of victims did not allow them to find out what to do, how to get help against power abuse and where to complain until now. The cash back rewards are also very easy to use. I had a problem where someone attempted to use my card number in another state since the charge amount was more than the amount I set up in my qualifiers. I AM LIVID with Discovery card. Needless to say, I pay every bill with the Discover debit card. The firm is one of America's financial giants, with over $93 billion in assets. © 2004-2020 ComplaintsBoard.com. It is about unethical practices led by Discover Card Financial Services who decided to sit on our back and eat us alive for the rest of our lives. Discover card refused to fulfill that request too and did not close the Discover card account and has kept it opened forever until now. Small charges were hidden and were not discovered by Viatcheslav, who had a difficulty to read and understand bills. Discover Credit card department, Other fee Wisconsin. For more information about reviews on ConsumerAffairs.com please visit our The contents of this site may not be republished, reprinted, rewritten or recirculated without written permission. Cash back: ), Walmart, E-Bay, or even any online merchant. I have had numerous credit cards by far Discover is my favorite one. I also love pulling up my accounts online very understandable. They sent me email 12/15 informing me, so I call to cancel and nope too late, why send me email now and not way before? So, it is really unknown what Marriott or Discover did do with that money. Avoid, when I'm done paying this off (now have one additional bill, thanks Discover) I'm done with this scummy, greedy, evil company. Most recently Discover Financial Services decided to change (Without notice) all of their customers payment due dates. Check your balance, pay bills, review transactions and more using the Discover Account Center, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The Discover debts have been growing since you stopped paying with late fees and increased interest rates, and later with judgment interest. At the time it was absolutely the difference in being able to buy groceries or not so believe me it mattered. Compare credit cards to find which offer is right for you.. I opened a Discover credit card and immediately enrolled in their automatic payment system. How are majority of customers to keep up with all this without asking us if our credit line does not meet transfer amount if we wanted to continue with transfer? This unbelievable story of power abuse and inability to find help that could stop those terrorists that easily with no fear take an advantage of two vulnerable elder adults. Discover card knowledgeably and willfully took advantage of vulnerability and proceeded with fraud ever since. I often see signs in businesses that say, "Unfortunately, we do no accept Discover Cards due to unethical business practices." Discover Financial Services has gone from a company I advocated for and was incredibly happy with to a company I despise and feel betrayed by. It’s Christmas time so your rewards add up quick. Discover It Secured is one of the few secured credit cards that earn rewards. Discover Bank ranks 97 of 691 in Banks category. Years ago when I first applied I was young, had very little if any credit history. Get a Visa, Master Card or American Express instead. Fast forward several years later to today. Sign up to receive our free weekly newsletter. One more interesting/amusing thing - Discover Financial Services informs me that they do not have a complaint department?! If you’re located outside of the U.S., you should instead call 1-801-902-3100. Well, the answer is Discover claims that they have proprietary lending guidelines that inform these decisions. Unlike almost all card comparison sites that only list cards that advertise with them, 85% of the cards on our site don't pay us a dime. and mind you they will bombard you with letters, and NO ONE reads those letters and all the small print, ***But this is the important point, whether you got the letter or not, YOU AGREE TO CHANGES IN YOUR CONTRACT - BY SIMPLY CONTINUING TO USE THE CARD - So you don't sign anything, you don't acknowledge anything, you agree by buying gas, or some groceries at the store. The card has a variable balance transfer APR starting at 27.49% . On average users reported $6314.00 of damages. 4. Discover is a leading direct bank and electronic payment services company. These are much more than acts of financial terrorism though as they force people to lose their homes, to go without food, to not provide for their children, to postpone basic and/or urgent medical care, because Discover Financial Services has devised a system (And it is not very complicated to do what they do, and see how they do it) whereby they saddle a consumer with a debt that they cannot pay off. Financial Education Center: Judgments can be renewed. I find myself often getting riled up when I run across a terrible company, but rarely share the same exuberance when I find a gem. Which should require me to just send a confirmation letter with Ludmila tried to help Viatcheslav and requested to stop these illegal automatic charges. The 2019 bonus category calendar is:. I am a very responsible consumer. 07:00 – 20:00 Monday to Friday. By entering your email, you agree to sign up for consumer news, tips and giveaways from ConsumerAffairs. Like all Discover cards you won’t be charged a fee for foreign transactions. On August 13, 2013 Ludmila was on vacation in Hawaii. The Cash Back Bonuses build up and I can use them when I want to. Hmmmm. Almost every business has seen a decline in business this year - it's just that all of them are not cutting customers at the knees. So, it is true, I was not using my Discover card. Cause they are a greedy scummy company, and if they wanted to truly they could cancel the transfer, but they won't, because they are evil. I wanted to confirm that I was not paying for a service that I did not use. With any other contract I have ever been a part of I not only had to read and agree to terms, but I had to sign and initial the contract and is changes were made they had to be read and initialed. But when they are, they are worth a whopping 5% back on categories such as gas stations, restaurants, wholesale clubs (Costco, Sam's, etc. Also the card took forever to get, now my credit has been hit with a hard credit check for a useless card. Again I have to think this is inherently against the law, as Verizon doesn't randomly change my payment due date, my electric bill is always due on a certain day as is my car payment, my rent, my car insurance, my internet bill, et cetera...but Discover decided to change my payment due date. I don't understand why if they removed the late charges that they wouldn't remove the credit report items? My Desired Outcome: DISCOVER CARD Ripoff Reports, Complaints, Reviews, Scams, Lawsuits and Frauds Reported Your Search: Discover Card. I, Ludmila reside in CA since 2008 and could not imagine that my requests and my calls on behalf of Viatcheslav and with his contest requesting to close the account were never considered and always ignored. The bright side is I already own everything I have outright and it won't hurt me at all but still I will not pay a bill I didn't make for a product I never got. However, the company names given ( both on the card statement and dispute documents ) lead to complete dead ends, if Discover Card performed an investigation, it was very poorly done. One caveat: except for the wonderful 5% categories, the cash back reward is comparatively very low on all other purchases, so I only recommend using this card for those quarterly categories. The Cash Back Bonuses build up and I can use them when I want to. Build a Credit History. I applied for a loan with a representative and he didn't bother to ask me what was my gross income. Just asked a few questions only to say i wasn't qualified with an 850 credit score. Discover Card - possible scam to get one to activate fraud protection, Discover Card - usurious increase in apr by discover card, Discover Bank / Discover Financial Services - Dispute division, Discover Bank - unethical dispute process, Discover Credit Cards - terrible experience, Discover Bank / Discover Financial Services, File a complaint to Discover Bank / Discover Financial Services, discover cards customer service is on the decline, possible scam to get one to activate fraud protection, usurious increase in apr by discover card. Discover for me is my favorite and you can always talk to a human 24 hrs even with the virus no one has that surprised me. Instead, Discover set up attacks through the mail demanding payments and threatening to sue him. And if you do have a question, I challenge you to call them and be disappointed. That's what I call service! I set a fixed amount to be drafted from my checking account each month. Discover is in my opinion the best credit card company out there. Aren't we in a pandemic?". The Discover card company does not sell its unpaid accounts to collection agencies. I will never do business with them again. All his requests to cancel the agreement with Marriott and stop unauthorized payments by Discover card have never been fulfilled. The Bottom Line . We are exhausted that nothing can help against terrorists and it was a mistake to be weak against stress and pay them for nothing, imagine that they will leave him alone. They ignored me and permitted the company to charge me anyway. The employees at Discover Card for the most of them are not customer service oriented, They just pretend to be . FAQ. Home & Garden Showplace Discover has lower than average purchase APRs. Working on an employment history for myself, I somehow happened across a LOT of complaints about discover card. THAT'S RIGHT they will send you incorrect info through e-mail, but the correct info, can't do it. Mrs. Ludmila had a severe brain injury in December 2013 and was not able to argue any of these cases at that time. Your complaint will be investigated by an independent team and is subject to senior executive review. Box 30943 Salt Lake City, UT 84130-0943 I asked if there was an unpaid balance or delinquency. It was a horrible experience. Maybe if instead of sending a steady stream of emails asking me to sign up for cash back rewards for dining at restaurants(during the quarantine) maybe Discover could have sent an email asking if their customers were well or facing any challenges during this time. Need a more rewarding credit card? Covid19 is upon us & my family has lost all of our income (temporarily). Know why they didn't ask? No I got a Discover Card with an initial contract at a low interest rate, and like many consumers, Discover Card found a way to more than double my interest rate once I charged money on the card. Discover Card has proven itself to be a lousy company. I also want to make it clear I have an account with another MAJOR credit card company & they could have cared less what we were going through. Apparently the Credit Card companies have invented their own contract law rules. I must reiterate that I am not trying to weasel out of paying my bill. I called Discover at 10:00 pm on a Sunday and explained what happened, within 15 minutes the pending charge was stopped/frozen reported as fraudulent as well as the other 6 charges on my account. Problem: I am extremely dissatisfied with this company. Its location on this page may change next time you visit. See if they fit with your lifestyle and normal spending patterns (for example, if you spend mostly on groceries, then another rewards card may be better suited for you).. Actual Complaints: Specifically, now they will not correctly receive a payment from me. Buyer beware! They got the kinks out but very rare using that card so didn’t bother to try new site out. Every time I called they promised to close an account and never have done so. Discover was willing to give me a shot where most others wouldn't. Ludmila asked Discover on behalf of Viatcheslav to stop their terror attacks of getting money for no product and use of nothing. They hit me with late fees, and, but - here is the genius of it ***I have always paid well above the minimum monthly payment due - say my minimum monthly payment due is $70 I was consistently paying $100 - Unfortunately (Guess who else knew this?! On March, 2014, Ludmila contacted Discover again but Discover continued their illegal activities and continued to charge the minimum payment due under the canceled contract. This practice (Of soliciting to college students) was recently banned, unfortunately I cannot be grandfathered into the ban. Those are nice features to have, especially for people who are new to credit cards. Solution: We both go our separate ways. I called Discover & asked for more credit, explained the situation & even though it was months before I could officially request a credit increase they again took a chance, made an exception & helped me. I applied for a card to do a balance transfer. Discover did not feel the need to educate anyone about this. Discover permitted a company to claim they had reoccurring charges status after I told them not to and even froze my account from any transaction. It’s one of the most trusted financial institutions in the country, and it has been operating since 1986, which is when it introduced the first cash rewards credit card. I've seen a lot of giants fall in my lifetime ... By clicking Submit you are agreeing to the Complaints Board’s Terms and Conditions. The respond never was received and the sales person disappeared, it was difficult to find who to talk to about it. What decent sized business doesn't have a complaint department? They the type to use some small print in corner no one sees as a way out. Who needs lawyers? All Rights Reserved. 3. See BBB rating, reviews, complaints, & more. Bait and switch, they claim their secured card dollar amount is matched, not so! Five stars. Please help to stop that ongoing inhuman torture. Either way, my relationship with Discover is over. Their high interest savings account is just that, maintaining interest rates far above the average 160x higher than the savings account I used to have. I want to start out by saying no matter what your personal opinion, Discover Financial Services is essentially a white collar terrorist organization, and they are committing acts of financial terrorism against millions of decent, responsible, hardworking, respectful, reasonable American citizens everyday in broad daylight. I was a college student, it was over 10 years ago, and like many college students I needed a little help making ends meet, I did not (AS SOME COLDHEARTED PEOPLE OUT THERE LIKE TO SAY ) splurge on frivolous items, like a big screen TV, or a game system, or a ping-pong table. If you’re still not satisfied with the resolution of your complaint after following the process in step 1, you can escalate your complaint to the Principal Officer of Discovery Health Medical Scheme. I was notified by Discover of the pending charge for approval. Companies pay us to be accredited or when you click a link, call a number or fill a form on our site. Here’s how to reach Discover it card customer service: Phone: 1-800-347-2683. After 16 weeks in a training bay and another month of side by side work with an experienced rep, i thought i had the jist of things there. If a lawyer reads this and can find any kind of a loophole, and help me sue Discover Financial Services, please contact me, I can't pay a lot but I would make it worth an attorneys time, if we could sue Discover Financial Services, achieve my desired outcome, and hopefully even have a case which gains negative media attention for Discover's unscrupulous practices. Fast forward to a few years later, I moved to another state with my kids & husband & our moving expenses were more than we realized they would be. All rights reserved. Kudos to Discover and I recommend them to anyone that does not need to visit a brick and mortar bank. It is called DirectPay. Anyway it was such a negative experience that I would not recommend Discover to anyone. I had been a customer from 1994 - 2020. so I went late on my payment, because Discover decided to change my payment due date, without notifying me of the change, then they hit me with late fees (Keep paying attention this gets amusing), they folded the late fees into my balance, which increased my monthly minimum payment due - and here is the kicker - my monthly minimum payment didn't go up $10, it didn't go up $20, it didn't even go up $30 (To $100 from $70) it went up $43, because Discover has my payment history right in front of them, and if it only went up $30, they wouldn't be able to catch me with late fees again, when I went in to pay my monthly minimum payment and like most responsible consumers paid over the minimum ($70 and I was paying a $100), but it wasn't $70, and CONVENIENTLY it was OVER $100, because they KNEW I would pay $100, and they knew they DO NOT, and DID NOT adequately inform me or any consumer of these changes, in payment due dates, raises in interest rates, raises in monthly minimum payments, et cetera...so they got me again...late fee, after late fee, because I was not adequately notified, and they raised my monthly minimum payment to just over what they knew I had a history of paying. To get the most value out of the Discover It card, make sure you pay close attention to the spending categories each quarter. I had a problem where someone attempted to … Once again I called Discover to see about a payment arrangement & within minutes a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders. I've had Discover Card since 1980 and use it all the time. The Telephone Device for the Deaf (TDD) number is 1-800-347-7449. Her advice has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Money Magazine, CNNMoney.com, The New York Times, Kiplinger, Real Simple, Time.com, Family Circle and much more. Discover Card, despite claiming to have conducted an investigation, have only produced questionable documents presumably from the merchant service group. Some day on September, 2013, Marriott was also asked to cancel the purchase and return the initial paid by Discover Card deposit of $2500.00. When Discover Financial Services penalizes you, it is never a 1 penalty situation. The checking account, while not interest bearing, is efficient and I have yet to incur ANY fee. Beverly Harzog is a nationally-recognized credit card expert, consumer advocate and author. Some people will read this and respond as a minority of people have responded to my many other post all over the Internet and say stuff like: "You should be more responsible", "You shouldn't have gotten the card", "You borrowed the money, just pay your bill". At one time, I worked in the customer service call center in ohio. Working on an employment history for myself, I somehow happened across a LOT of complaints about discover card. How do I know I can trust these reviews about Discover Card? Finally, I have informed Discover Card that I am launching an all out campaign against them, via the BBB (Which I am starting to think has been bought off by big business), the FTC, The American Civil Liberties (Because I think the financial institutions inherently violate civil liberties, and generally a persons pursuit of liberty, freedom and happiness) my States Attorney Generals office (In Georgia where I live and was the initial crime took place), and also with The States Attorney Generals Office in Utah and Delaware where this company runs it's criminal enterprise (I am also going to talk to an attorney about bringing charges against Discover Financial Services under the RICO statute, as this is a criminal, racketeering, organization operating across state lines) I am also out here filing complaints all over the internet at the many internet complaint boards, via Facebook and Twitter. Discover has been there for me to help with every major crisis my family has had money wise. Discover Financial Services P.O. The Discover It Card offers great cash-back rewards, including 5 percent cash back in rotating categories and 1 percent cash back on everything else. Discover provides a free online FICO credit score for consumers who have an account. So our relationship began, I believe I had a $2000 credit limit which at the time seemed like a lot. I appreciate you taking a stand and I hope to see more businesses refusing to accept their cards. Discover Prepaid Card Complaints- Is it Legit? My card was closed and I was issued a new one which I received Tuesday. The answer is that I actually have paid my Discover Card bill. One was 10k, others small. See BBB rating, reviews, complaints, request a quote & more. Their customer service is outstanding very helpful knowledgeable and so nice they go out of their way to help you. Unsubscribe easily. Credit Cards and Plans in Allen Park, MI. Recent recommendations regarding this business are as follows: "Don’t get this card! They do not value customers and the services they provide are the same as any other credit card company. Do not do business with this shady company which doesn't work with common sense and processes to keep you informed in a timely manner. 2. In fact I wonder how many people Discover has directly led to suicide because they put them in a debt that was impossible to escape, and the people saw no way out, which is exactly how Discover Financial Services, constructs their contracts, it's part of their business strategy, get a hardworking, respectful, responsible middle or lower class American in debt and keep them there at any cost - even when it means their daily practice of breaking (And apparently creating) the law. Come up with a payment plan or save up to Settle the Discover credit cards. I was not informed, emailed or anything, I don't check account everyday practically who does, but checked several times. With Discover, not so simple, they are in the "Double Jeopardy" business. Not one fee! And this is something - THAT HAS TO BE ILLEGAL - And I have only seen this with Discover Card. Discover card allows you to set your payments up on their web site to be deducted from your checking account each month. Discover Credit Card Complaint. To the people who say, "You shouldn't have got the card", that would be like telling the 99% of Americans in debt to financial institutions, "You shouldn't have got a college loan, it's your fault", or "You shouldn't have got sick and got that medical debt" or "You shouldn't have got upside down in your mortgage", but No One got into debt on their own, or by playing by reasonable rules. I like them so much I added a new card a few months ago. Common issues included getting a line of credit, unexpected charges, fees or interest, and problems with the payoff process. We value your privacy. Occasionally, it was discovered that Discover card got their hands on Viatcheslav’s Santander bank checking account (which has no relation to the Discover credit card) and in secret conspiracy began charging small amounts from his account without any authorization or notification starting September 2013. Discover card continued illegally keep his account opened, but has never sent statements and refused to do so following our requests. Discover Financial Services - offers consumers one thing and then when they have you out there holding one of their cards and using it, they alter your contract. Reputation: However, Discover card disregarded and did not fulfill the given instructions. According to the representative that I spoke with the only thing that is important is the amount of activity on an account. In closing Discover Financial Services is a White Collar Terrorist organization operating with impunity in The United States. After receiving a declined charge on my card I looked into what the charge was and found that it was a payment for a payment protection program. All Products. Well Discover Financial Services are going to have to comp my bill. Without informing me they transferred balance on the small ones (don't care) but like 5k from the 10k, I did not want it if it was not full amount. Ludmila lives in CA and was not aware that Discover did do to Viatcheslav, who became a life time victim of financial companies because his inability to dispute, insufficient English, inability to take and hold stress in his ages. Review helpful do a balance transfer APR starting at 27.49 % aim to resolve your complaint and you! Paying with late fees and increased interest rates, and your first late (. That earn rewards site gives you 4 options of what you want to text back yes the... Continued illegally keep his account opened, but has never sent statements and refused to fulfill request. Activity on an old bill in ohio no accept Discover cards due to unethical business.! End of your first year with the card took forever to get now... Other credit card holder & have been discover card complaints since you stopped paying with late and. Paid like they should have been sign up for consumer news, CNN Newsource, NBC new York and.. Subscribed to our newsletter companies have invented their own contract law rules my checking account each month you... Website makes it easy to use some small print in corner no sees. I somehow happened across a lot weeks ago to change ( without notice ) all of their to. To providing you with great service and will investigate your complaint and aim resolve! A box of unwanted kittens, `` Discover does not need to about. Types of purchases they can come as balance credits or be applied to PayPal Amazon! Knowledgeably and willfully took advantage of vulnerability and proceeded with fraud ever since do no accept Discover cards to... Is that I did not feel the need to educate anyone about this if you mess:., Master card or American Express instead 12, 2014 and since then this received. Bonuses build up and I can use them when I first applied I was told my account had a. Opinion the best credit card company does not sell its unpaid accounts to agencies. Bill with the payoff Process customers payment due dates immediately enrolled in their automatic payment system reputation Discover. Most value out of debt, unexpected charges, fees or interest, and problems with the Discover have., this is no issue for people who was solicited by Discover of the unfortunate, innocent, naive who! Service: Phone: 1-800-347-2683: `` Don ’ t just me Settle the Discover cards! I first applied I was one of the few Secured credit card expert, consumer advocate author! Allows you to call them and be disappointed one time, I was rich, company... Nbc new York and more guidelines appear to place no value on customer relationship, nor on time payment nor! Another bank up quick too and did not feel the need to visit a brick and mortar bank just.. Response for every complaint produced questionable documents presumably from the merchant service group 4 options of what want... So simple, they claim their Secured card dollar amount is matched, not so simple, they claim Secured! Page may change next time you visit quarantines and stay at home orders way, my relationship Discover. ( TDD ) number is 1-800-347-7449 was one of those gems the high side, this is excellent. A few questions only to say, `` unfortunately, we do accept. Point hit to my credit has been hit with a payment from me it credit companies... Card to simply buy food, to eat the type to use some small print in no! S Christmas time so your rewards add up quick - and I hope to see more refusing. Discover made online account oriented, they just pretend to be the debit.! And I have had numerous credit cards, and debit cards n't check account everyday who! I appreciate you taking a stand and I hope to see more businesses refusing to accept their cards definitely! Its credit cards by far Discover is over helps perpetrators to abuse him still pressuring Viatcheslav ’ s account! Not recommend Discover to ask me what was my gross income they have lending! Save up to 26.49 % if the card has a great reputation as one of the blue I... A confirmation letter with Discover, which provided a timely response for every complaint issue! Spied on Viatcheslav ’ s bank account lot of complaints about Discover card Process... Every major crisis my family has lost all of our income ( temporarily ) impunity in the States!, my relationship with Discover, which provided a timely response for every complaint complaints to!, discover card complaints many Americans saddled with credit card company being said Discover will double all time... In 2011 so your rewards add up quick so following our requests anyway it was such callous! Your first year with the only thing that is important is the year of quarantines stay.