The post-1900 companies are James Heddon, William Shakespeare Jr., Creek Chub, South Bend, Pflueger and Moonlight and Paw Paw. Instructions to Identify Antique Fishing Lures. Now that you know all about tying a fishing knot and the different fishing hooks, it’s time for the fishing bait and lures. Live Bait More Fishing. By Robbie Pavey, and John Merwin. Hunting. The Best of all the Rest: Early Miscellaneous Fishing Tackle Companies. Ding Bat Glass Eyes 3 Jitterbug Fishing Lures Glass Eyes Rare Bone Orange Bingo Lure Metal Tail Runt Type Lures Brook's Baby Reefer Vintage Tuna Baby Weezel Doctor 285 Storm Wiggle Wart Old Vintage Vintage Storm Wiggle Wart 25 Pk Spotted 2 Gilmore Jumper Chum Spoon Creme's Lures Spoon Fishing Lures Spoon Old Fishing Lures Red Belly Sea Hawk 6 Vintage Fishing Lure Guido Frog … Making your own fishing lures is a great hobby, save money and create fishing lures specifically for your fishing conditions. Accessibility Help. Latest. If you have the box with it, you just found some gold in your … A forum to IDENTIFY your unknown pre-1980 fishing lures. A forum to IDENTIFY your unknown pre-1980 fishing lures. Click here to visit a page with my favorite Antique Fishing Lure! Usually it is slightly higher than what I call the “true value”. Moonlight bait company made a lot of lures back in the day. Updated: July 23, 2019. Live Bait and Lures. Email or Phone: Password: Forgot account? Click Here to read the story of George Perry and the World Record Bass! Look over the antique fishing lure. We explore a variety of common types of fishing lures here as well as the different types of live bait anglers like to use aboard their fishing yachts when fishing in freshwater or saltwater. Welcome to Joe's Old Lures, a web site devoted to sharing information about antique fishing lures and old fishing tackle. The answer is usually not much, but that is not always the case. Identify Your Pre-1980 Fishing Lures. Click Here to Visit Folk Art & Homemade Fishing Lures. Press alt + / to open this menu. This is the place to buy new and used old fishing lures, antique fishing lures, discontinued fishing lures, fishing collectibles and everything a good bait shop would have. It's a tough question to answer. This Zig Zag bait has two sizes. Jump to. you will also need to reference the Creek Chub fishing lure color chart to find the correct code number for your color which you would then add to the end of the series number. Facebook. Click Table for Specific Antique Fishing Lures or Click HERE to browse. Public group. If you have a 'unknown', you can send me a picture and I'll add it to the page. About. Heddon, Creek Chub, Rebels, Rapalas, Pflueger, Shakespeare, South Bend, Bagley, Bomber, Helin, Lazy Ike, Norman, Storm, Smithwick and more. Unknown Lures This section of Lure Lore is dedicated to identifying 'unknown' lures, i.e., lures whose manufacturers and date of production are unknown. However, the few made in 1913 tend to be their most valuable. Sign Up. 2) Insurance Value – This is the value you put on a lure if insured. Fishing lure companies from this time period are Henry Loftie, John Mann, Riley Haskell Minnow and WD Chapman. As people find my website or learn I collect old fishing tackle the question is always there. Members. But, keep your eyes open, many people sell lures (like me) at antique stores for “true value” prices…or less. It usually involves Grandpa's old tackle box with some lures in it. Discussion. Look around these pages and you will see pictures of hundreds of antique fishing lures in my collection, along with some historical information about many of the companies that made antique fishing lures and tackle. It's not surprising most antique fishing lures you find come from this company. Understand though, that this is only part of the information needed to correctly identify your old, antique Creek Chub fishing lure. Sections of this page. I get that question all the time. Find out why some old lures keep their fish catching magic forever.