Many people prefer the orange peel reflector for every day carry because of its smooth dispersion of the light. © Copyright 2016-2020 SurePro Painting | All Rights Reserved. This type of reflector creates a tighter and more precise beam. What are textured walls? It can mean brand new sheetrock and lots of money. Textured interior walls (think: “orange peel,” popcorn, or swirled patterns) have a practical function, since the texture hides the signs of drywall installation—that is, the taped seams where the sheets of drywall … Here are some of its most outstanding positive aspects: Since a textured ceiling is so ‘busy’ design-wise, it’s harder to notice any scratches, waviness, painting imperfections, etc. 2. Orange peel walls are dramatically more cost-effective than smooth flat finish walls because you can be a little quicker with the application and you won’t notice the little differences in everything once it is painted. There are drawbacks to smooth ceilings. With a passion. This totally gives me something to … ... More common would be smooth walls and a textured ceiling. It takes some skills and experience to get good at, just like regular drywall repair or wall skimming. And this of course means a higher cost. This type of ceiling isn’t perfect, though, and it comes with its share of drawbacks. Ceiling textures include skip trowel, knockdown, orange peel, and, the most common, popcorn. There are tons of alternatives that still look good. It should be noted, though, that dust can sometimes cling to the edges of the ceiling’s textured segments, especially on popcorn textures, so make sure you give it a light dusting every now and again. If you’re looking to keep your maintenance as infrequent as possible, smooth ceilings are likely the right choice for you. Be sure you get the type that matches … The end result is a BEAUTIFUL FLAT CEILING!! Textured Ceilings vs Smooth: What’s the Better Option? With the above information about textured ceilings vs smooth in mind, you’ll be well on your way to making the best decision for your home’s appearance. The problem is, if you want smooth walls, you’re still going to have to spend the time to create a Level 5 finish on the new wallboard. ... How to smooth out a textured wall or ceiling 1. Sand Swirl. See more in A Parisian’s Pied-a-Terre in Sofia, Bulgaria. Whether these are enough of a deterrent is up to you, but they’re worth keeping in mind. Before 1977, asbestos was commonly used in this type of ceiling. Just one big cellulite cavern, really – with a front door. This style of … While the ‘popcorn’ style of ceiling texture has been removed and replaced throughout the years by the “orange peel” texture, not everyone is sure if it’s the ideal style for them. Since a ceiling texture can help hide imperfections, a smooth finish requires a lot more work. As previously mentioned, textured ceilings can help mask imperfections. Keep in mind, though, that while you might save money and work at the outset by choosing a textured ceiling, you won't in the long run because texturing collects … Blue … It is the most expensive option because it requires more labor to ensure the ceiling has perfectly smooth … Still have questions about the two? Orange Peel Drywall Texture. And for several years I truly believed that I would have to live with mock-cellulite walls. Originally, I didn’t want to use any kind of texture on the garage walls. When working on your home’s interior design, it can be difficult to decide how you should paint your ceilings. Not sure where to start? While nowhere near as efficient as soundproofing, textured ceilings can help decrease the noise you hear from other rooms (as well as reduce the noise that can be heard from the room with the textured ceiling). Textured ceilings, on the other hand, come in an array of different styles. Since smooth ceilings are completely flat, they create the illusion that the ceiling is higher than it actually is. Traditionally, orange peel texture is applied to the wall by spraying watered-down joint compound through an airless spray painter. 10% preferred another texture option for their ceiling. Long-term exposure to asbestos has many detrimental health effects, so it’s vital to resolve this issue as quickly as possible. Good luck! Smooth ceilings are characterized by a polished and clean appeal if they are finished splendidly. Creating a nice wall texture can be a challenge. Flat is just a matter of smoothing the repair. Knockdown texture starts by spraying the ceiling… The mud is also most commonly sprayed in a much finer fashion, giving the room character with a lighter approach. Before committing full sheets of this somewhat-expensive paper to our textured walls, I did a quick test. Knockdown is a two step process: applying the mud, then using a trowel or knife to scrape off the peaks. © 2020 FlashlightZ. With orange peel, the mud is applied with a sprayer, and the pattern depends on the amount of mud that is used and the pressure of the air compressor; at Jayden Homes we offer light and medium orange peel. ‘popcorn’ style of ceiling texture has been removed, Ozone Disinfection & Odor Removal Services in Austin, TX, Leave It to the Pros: 5 Reasons to Hire a Professional to Remove Wallpaper, 10 Drywall Texture Types for Your Texas Home, Texas Living: The Most Popular Ceiling Texture Since 2017, Get Creative! However, the wall between my garage and my kitchen was already drywalled and textured. As with textured ceilings, smooth ceilings come with various benefits. It’s a lot messier than the orange … Here are some of the most significant: Smooth ceilings and walls are all the rage right now, and the best way to achieve a modern look. Smooth ceilings are … This means less skimming and less sanding. Touch-Up Kits. I highly doubt the texture vs smooth walls will be the deciding factor for someone who will only rent. Premium houses will have a smooth class 5 finish on walls and ceiling. Additionally, contaminated textured ceilings were still sold after this year. Sometimes the area being re-textured will have to be several times larger than the repair in order to blend the new texture more evenly. Choosing the Right White: A Guide to Picking the Best White Paint, Removing Lead Paint From Your Home’s Exterior: Why You Should Only Trust a Pro, Plan On Painting Your Deck? But, if you’re using the space as a game room or as a playroom for kids, it’s not impossible for a stray ball or object to scuff or perforate it. Many people prefer the orange peel reflector for every day carry because of its smooth dispersion of the light. If you’ve purchased a home or rental property that is in rough shape, getting the walls smooth may be a very hard task. Here in Florida, homes have an ‘orange peel’ texture on every wall in the home, including the garage. However, there is a method that doesn't involve spraying. As you can see, smooth ceilings were the front runner by a staggering amount! This also means that you’ll pay a contractor less money to complete the job or save extra time if you decide to do it on your own. The difference in the amount of labor and materials required to achieve a smooth finish over a light texture is surprising to many people, and is easily the biggest downside for most. All three stuck to the walls without any issue, but there are a few things I’d like to point out. This is really the biggest downside to smooth ceilings; they just cost more. Here are some of its most outstanding positive aspects: ... With the above information about textured ceilings vs smooth in mind, you’ll be well on your way to making the best decision for your home’s appearance. The first three have varying degrees of contours, and the last is flat. Another popular choice in the last several decades, orange peel applicators are available at most home-improvement stores. Heavier textures, especially popcorn texture, are outdated and being replaced quickly. The downside of having textures is that the look is quickly becoming dated and less popular than smooth ceilings. on Textured Ceilings vs Smooth: What’s the Better Option? Fixr's 2020 prices for a popcorn ceiling show a maximum of $440, while prices for a smooth ceiling top out at $545. As you can see from the picture, the orange peel reflector is bumpy or grainy looking. Tulsa, OK 74133, Monday Thru Friday 9am - 5pm (Central Time Zone). Popcorn especially is often scraped off for a fresh look to update the feel. Over-the-counter facial peels – Facial peels can help smooth out orange peel skin and is a great treatment for regular maintenance. A texture similar to orange peel is sometimes created on a smooth wall by painting with a roller that has a thick nap. They also reflect sound far more efficiently, making echo and reverb much more apparent. 6 Accent Wall Mural Ideas to Express Yourself, Tips to Find an Austin Painting Contractor You Can Trust, 7 Reasons to Repaint Your Home’s Exterior in Austin, TX, Exterior Painting 101: Not Just a Simple DIY Project, How to Prepare For a Popcorn Removal Project, How To Prepare For Your Interior Painting Project, Cleaning and Maintaining Your Garage’s Epoxy Floors: Everything You Should Know. I saw a lot of holes repaired in homes with orange peel where they didn't bother to spray texture where the repair was made and it was quite noticeable - even with small repairs. For those who need to reduce noise from either inside or outside the room, this type of ceiling won’t do much for you. To make … If you’re someone who easily notices imperfections, you’ll likely be significantly bothered by this. This type of reflector helps disseminates the beam allowing the light to spread a little wider. In this blog we’ll discuss the difference between two specific and common reflectors - the smooth reflector and the orange peel textured reflector - so you can be more informed and know which flashlight will be of most use to you. As such, it doesn’t require a high level of maintenance. Textures that don’t match the original ceiling will be immediately noticeable and may take away from its aesthetic. For rooms that feel cramped due to small square footage or the presence of furniture, a smooth ceiling can help create more sense of space. Sitemap. Aerosol can be made from the natural or an artificial resource. Above: Charmingly textured walls in Paris-based designer Clarisse Demory’s flat in Sofia, Bulgaria. Although textured ceilings are currently used in many homes, some people might view its appearance as outdated or unappealing. 7122 S. Sheridan Rd, Ste 2-546 Splatter Texture Also known as "orange peel," a splatter coat provides a look that stands out a little less than knockdown, but is still very pleasing to the eye. Using cans of spray texture can also be a mess. Just as you’d expect, orange peel texture has a cracked and subtly wrinkled surface, reminiscent of an orange. Luckily, though, it won’t take long to decide which one is best for you. With a smooth surface, dents and dings don’t have anywhere to hide and are much more obvious. So, it doesn’t take as long to install as a smooth ceiling or require as much material. If your working distance is less than 20 feet an OP reflector is the only way to go, inside or out. Over-the-counter facial peels will help your skin shed the top layers of dead skin cells, along with the layers of gunk clogging and expanding your enlarged pores. It allows for longer beam throws and is excellent for hunting, search and rescue, and general use. ... (with sanding) gave me a smooth enough base to apply the lime paint. Let’s start with the orange peel reflector. Feel free to get in touch with us to see how we can help. In some parts of SoCal textured walls like orange peel and Venetian plaster are still highly desirable. In fact, this ‘’bumpy’’ appearance is ideal for hiding the imperfections of our ceilings because it can cover cracks, leak damage, defects, and even poor drywall 2 workmanship. Unless you’re skilled with repairing this type of material, you’ll likely need to hire a contractor to do it. As you can see from the picture, the orange peel reflector is bumpy or grainy looking. Some of them include orange peel textures, popcorn and knockdown, to name a few. Both textured and smooth ceilings have their own benefits, but they also come with drawbacks. It will require a new texture to try and match the existing texture. The texture resembles the surface of the skin of an orange, hence the name "Orange peel".Gloss paint sprayed on a smooth surface (such as the body of a car) should also dry into a smooth surface.However, various factors can cause it to dry into a bumpy surface resembling the texture of an orange peel. (Note – these were perfectly smooth, clean walls.) It's durable and easily to clean making it a popular texture in rental homes, commercial buildings, and new construction. Hopefully this can help you better decide what kind of flashlight would best suit your needs! Choice of color? While the answer to this question will mostly depend on your taste, there’s a handful of other factors to consider about each style. 4 … In the flashlight world you’ll often hear about different reflectors from faceted, to smooth, to hybrid, to textured. Non-textured ceilings. If you paint the ceiling a flat finish, it doesn't show imperfections as much as a satin or eggshell type finish. Orange Peel (also called splatter or eggshell) looks like the skin of an orange. We have wallpapered over a slight orange peel texture in our last house with no issue but anything more than that, you’ll want to smooth it out before wallpapering. If you need a spotlight for long distances, buy a proper searchlight. 5% preferred knockdown/orange peel texture ceilings. Orange peel texturing is one of the most common basic wall textures, ... Orange peel got its name from the dimpled type texture that resembles the rind of an orange. Aesthetics. 85% preferred smooth ceilings. They have no visible seams, which is also something to consider. Depending on what a room with smooth ceilings is being used for, it may never experience imperfections. Even if popcorn ceiling 1 is a good alternative to replace drywall 2, which is distorted, many homeowners … The ceiling in here isn’t the craziest texture we’ve ever seen, but it’s definitely enough to clearly show through any wallpaper we apply, and ruin the look and adhesion. However, they’re often not deal-breakers for those who can’t decide what type of ceiling they want. I think it is fine to leave the ceilings smooth - if it's done nice and smoothly. Now let’s take a look at the smooth reflector. It is a great alternative to a smooth finish because it is subtle but easily hides wall and ceiling imperfections. If you happen to use this room for recording things like voiceover work, you’ll also need a bit more sound treatment to compensate for the increased sound reflections smooth ceilings give off. Orange peel is a certain kind of finish that may develop on painted and cast surfaces. Orange Peel. Smooth Surfaces - Use a white woven short nap roller for an ultra fine finish. Scrape your taping … Hands down, my favorite color. If you use a thick 3/4″ nap roller cover on a smooth wall, it will produce an orange peel textured surface. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. If you’re looking to make your house look as contemporary as possible, this is something to keep in mind. Let’s take a look at everything you need to know about textured ceilings vs smooth. The surface has gentle curves, which distinguishes this texture from knockdown variations. This post shares the most popular styles, roadblocks we hit and a painting tip to make your texture appear smooth. This look gives your wall a smooth, textured feel that is similar to – what else? Painting a Deck vs Staining a Deck: Which Option Is Best for You? Technique However, again depending on personal … Contrary to what you might expect, a smooth ceiling costs more than a textured one, and that's because a smooth ceiling takes more work. I’d either need to smooth out the existing wall or just add a texture to the new walls. While the ‘popcorn’ style of ceiling texture has been removed and replaced throughout the years by the “orange peel” texture, not everyone is sure if it’s the ideal style for them. Orange Peel is the new invention of wall texture technology in the aerosol form. This is how I tackle an orange peel texture. The texture needs to be matched and replaced first to fix any damage. If your home was built before 1980 and has textured ceilings, you may need to contact a professional to test for asbestos and remove any contaminated segments. The 5 Best Deck Colors, Choosing the Right Shade of Blue Paint for Your Home’s Interior, Teens, This One’s for You! Seriously, putting new Sheetrock over the textured walls, or pulling down the old and putting up new, could actually be cheaper than messing with covering the texture with one or more layers of fresh mud. Re: Smooth vs. Orange Peel Reflectors? Like many home improvement projects, textured walls have their pros and cons in terms of improving your home's resale value. Smooth Ceiling Texture-Smooth ceilings seem to be a favorite of many people. The orange … Looking at the list it’s clear there are pros and cons to every style If you’re keen … Knockdown is a texture that’s fairly similar in style to skip trowel. Outdated vs In Style. Textured Walls and Resale Value. Orange peel wall finish is more or less spray it and paint it. I hate it. The appearance of a popcorn ceiling 1 is irregular and may resemble the texture of popcorn or even cottage cheese. So as a future rental, given circumstances, go with what makes sense. If you just have a small hole or area that needs texture patch, then there are some … Wall texture is an important decision. My home has orange peel textured walls AND ‘knockdown’ ceilings. All rights reserved. If a portion of your ceiling becomes damaged, replacement isn’t as easy as painting over it. I think a smooth wall has a sleek, cleaner appearance. It's essentially applied the same way as knockdown, only it misses the final step of being troweled. Cleaning one is even easier since there is less texture to trap dust and dirt. Paint Roller Size There are two basic sizes for paint roller frames - large 9″ long roller frames and a smaller 4″ style. Every texture requires a different process to get smooth ceilings. Extra labor will be required to skim the entire ceiling with drywall mud, and then sand every square inch of ceiling. It adds an extra layer of protection to the wall, hides imperfections and reduces the need for paint touch-ups. A light orange peel usually will hide imperfections like visible sheetrock tape lines, etc. To make this type of texture, drywall mud is used and thinned with water to a thick liquid consistency. It helps to hide everything with a texture whereas the smooth coat is the opposite. It increases your skin’s cell turnover rate, clearing away the old pitted texture of orange peel skin and … Repairing a damaged untextured ceiling is simpler than trying to match an existing texture. There are currently four popular styles of drywall texture: orange peel, knockdown, hand-troweled, and smooth. A quick orange … A Guide to Painting Your Bedroom. This type of reflector helps disseminates the beam allowing the light to spread a little wider. Orange peel is a matter of matching the orange peel texture - too heavy or too light and it doesn't match. ... take a finishing knife and go over the mud to know off the bumps and partially smooth them over. Below are samples from Spoonflower (1), Target (2) and Walls Need Love (3). Has to be Pure & Original Steel Blue. Smooth surfaces allow sound to pass through far more easily than textured surfaces. level 2. Sand swirl adds a feel of individuality to a room without stealing the show. This reflector, as you can see and probably guess, is completely smooth. It takes form as the liquid droplets, which is put out by the spray method. – an orange peel. But mostly the orange peel texture.