My thermometer read about 50-54. I am really furious with LG for their handling of this situation. Test the start capacitor first with a capacitance meter, they don't fail often. You’ll know it’s the evaporator fan if … Condenser Coils Need Cleaning One of the most common reasons why your LG refrigerator freezer is cold but refrigerator is warm is due to dirty condenser coils. 02/19/2018 by If the compressor itself is defective a licensed professional will need to replace it. Must be an app or remote device that is activated after warranty expires? any more headache. If the answer that's accepted does not answer your problem, ask a new question with your specific problem and symptoms. View All Brands Whirlpool Kenmore Frigidaire GE LG. That’s what I did yesterday they said it would take about a week to get my money, 07/25/2019 by We have had 3-4 visits from an LG-authorized technician who has tinkered with the refrigerator but not yet repaired it and who last ordered 3 parts that all appear to be either tubing or small valves that collectively have taken 2 months to arrive. Buy something decent. So he removed the back panel to expose the PC board, and there’s was a green LED that was blinking (6 flashes, pause, repeat). What a disappointment this purchase has been. Trust me throw that good lookin pile of junk OUT and dont look back. You may also use an electronic leak finder available online. Identify Problem. About 30 mins into the call the rep told me she was going to give me to a supervisor, waited about 7 more minutes, and she came back on the line. Only licensed HVAC personnel can buy refrigerants by law. If the refrigerator is not cold enough, the evaporator fan motor might have failed. So far, so good. The thermostat allows power to flow through to the compressor, evaporator fan and condenser fan. 02/01/2018 by 07/20/2018 by asking additional question on one with an accepted answer is almost a sure way for it not to be seen. LG must have invented the phrase "Throwing Good Money After Bad" because thats EXACTLY what all of us are doing here. It might look as though it’s working fine – the light comes on, it’s still making that familiar soft humming noise – but there are a number of internal problems that could have led to the cooling mechanism failing. michaeljohn. I am of the opinion after reading these answers that if my refrigerator ever works again, it won't be for long. Honestly, this is the first REAL problem I have had with their products, but because of the poor handling of this problem, I really don't intend to EVER buy another LG product. “Refrigerator not cooling” is a very common problem and can be taken care by good refrigerator repair professionals. They deleted my answer as well. there's more! Check all other components to be certain this is the cause of the problem. Self-employee owner of Technical Center. The evaporator fan motor circulates the cold air from the coils thru the compartment. All other components look new with no discoloring or fraying around wires etc. Despite this history, retailers operating in America are still selling this junk - and for premium prices. The compressor is still under warranty but NOT the labor. Also, the fan in the freezer area seems to cut off until i open that door, then it turns on right away. great. Another 50 minute phone call where I explain everything else AGAIN. I persisted, never rude but assertive). Make Sears home warranty (if you have it) give you $500 towards a new unit and get a WHIRLPOOL. Not wanting to pay that fee, I YouTubed/Googled/etc to see if I can find the problem and fix it myself (hence posting back to this thread which helped me). We woke up to a puddle in our kitchen and lost all the contents in our refrigerator and freezer. Here are some of the top selling fridges that we would recommend: Samsung 253L 3 Star Inverter Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator LG 284 L 3 Star Inverter Linear Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator Install two schrader tap valves (which are notorious for leaking) hook up my gauges and vacuum pump, evacuate the system, charge the system with fresh r134a, then test the system!? At this point, he commented this is a compressor error code so he decided to replace it. Repair man installed new compressor and board, still not working. If there’s no click, you might be in need of a fridge repair. He said LG does o.k. The top three symptoms for LSXS26326S/00 are "Leaking", "Noisy", and "Fridge too warm". My LG refrigerator is not cooling or freezing. You sound like your house has Chinese Drywall just as mine did. Very disappointed in our decision to buy this bling product . Geoff Norton. My LG is 4.5 years. 24,219 satisfied customers. That's really pathetic. You are going to need it! The condenser is like a radiator and must stay clean in order to dissipate the heat which was removed from the inside of the refrigerator. Accessibility. You might ask where the sulphur comes from. doireallyhavetocreateanaccount. En español Live Chat online. Poor circulation can prevent proper cooling of your LG refrigerator. As far as they can see thats the only way you can get the defrost sensor. per the manual , the 7-yr manufacturer warranty say's it only applies if we're the original purchaser of fridge and we're not, bought home w/ all appliances this yr. any suggestion? I get that, she is help desk not a tech. I have spent good money and more good money trying to keep the LG working. REPAIR HELP. That work is done by the thermostat on the side of the compressor in case the refrigerator heats more than usual. If the refrigerator is not cold enough the temperature control board might be defective. To troubleshoot a potentially broken condenser fan motor, check for any physical obstructions that could stop it spinning and try spinning the fan manually to see if the mechanism itself is broken. Call this number: 800-243-0000 and they’ll start a claim process. Should be in warranty though. Here are a few of the most common refrigerator faults so if your fridge isn’t cooling you can figure out if you need a fridge repair service or not. 09/13/2015 by If so, how many times does it blink before it pauses? If there’s too much filling the fridge compartment, it can increase the temperature and prevent cool air from circulating properly. It's one of those 3 door fridges with the water dispenser on it. But if I went on a job and the same issue as yours, I’d be looking for signs of oil near the compressor or condenser. Have the same problems with our LG Not yet 3 years old not freezing or getting cold. If you see the blinking green LED, it might be your compressor. Guy inSJ, The LGs use a linear compress. Your refrigerator isn’t necessarily a write-off if it has an issue with cooling, however. The compressor is slightly different so hopefully they made an improvement in it. Possibly, a refrigerant leak. I spent over $1,400 to repair it and it still doesn’t work. fix it, sell it. I'm going to buy a Whirlpool bottom freezer (NO french doors) from him. Kathy Gibbard. If you can hear the compressor running but the fridge isn’t cooling, the problem is most likely either frost-clogged evaporator coils or a stuck or broken evaporator fan. I have had LG phones, televisions, and now appliances. We have an LG Fridge that's been with us for about 6 years. I replaced this myself to see if that would help with the cooling. Bought it from Lowes about four years ago. Unfortunately didn't buy the five year warranty. If there’s no continuity then the start relay will need replacing. Find Solutions. You should hear the compressor kick back on and the unit will stabilize and start cooling within 24 hours. If you have fridge cooling problems, check that your condenser coils are clean. UPDATE: Called LG today since they didn't call me back in the 24 hrs they said. LG refrigerator not cooling but compressor is running. That was $320 and now the thing works fine again. The point of my message is to let readers know that Whirlpool has a problem, too. We decided to deal with the sound and reset the temps slightly higher as per LG's recommendation. He sold me a 1979 USA Made Hotpoint no frost for $100 to use while this is getting fixed, it wont win any beauty contests but it works perfectly...38 YEARS OLD!!! See if you can work out a deal with your local HVAC shop. I ended up calling about a month after the window, and was able to get manager approval to have someone come out to take a look at no charge. Maytag KitchenAid Samsung Carrier Goodman York Nordyne ICP Coleman Amana Jenn Air Bosch Lennox Trane Craftsman. LadyTech, what does it mean if the PCP green light is flashing 6 times? These LGs are lasting 5-6 years then you're looking at, replacing BOTH evaperator and compressor as they work in unison. went to get some ice cream last night, but was only pudding! Hi all, we have theLG LSXS26386S Linear model. I used to do maintenance for an apartment complex, and when the ice makers went bad they had to throw out the whole unit, so I have three spare working friges in the garage. Requested service Apr21). If the refrigerator is not cold enough there might be something caught in the condenser fan motor blade, or the condenser fan motor might be defective. These boards are often misdiagnosed. Noticed ice and frost on cooling coils and a large Chuck fell … Other Brands . This makes it difficult to diagnose. If the coils are dirty enough, the unit will never be cold enough and will not be able to cool the inside of the refrigerator to the proper temperature. something like this is to junk it and get another one. If they’re not, use a cleaning brush (they make coil cleaning brushes specifically for this purpose) and vacuum cleaner to get them clean. ExpertTechnician. There are 3 Phillip screws holding the access panel on. Everything is running, fan/lights but it is not cooling or freezing. I have a problem with my LG EXPRESSCOOL it doesnt stop the warning beep as if the door is open, 10/06/2018 by Noticed the motor staying on too long with increasing noise. My repairman isnt going to be too happy. They're Junk and will cost you big bucks sooner than later, GUY; It's probably the evaperator. My lg fridge only blows cold air when it's put into test mode … read more. i have pulled it out...opened up the bottom..vacuumed the fan area which was very dusty...hoped that would do the trick but nope... not cooling anything.i thought we bought quality when we forked out about 2 grand for a big fridge. That was pretty helpful too. Oh but wait! gabrielle upton. Model LFX31945ST manufactured 12/2012, Repair tech came out to our home and advised best to have the unit brought to the repair facility and most likely be around $1300.00 dollars for labor and parts. Now I know a fair amount about refrigerant systems, and if the compressor runs, and has refrigerant it will get cold (assuming no blockage which is rare). It wasn’t room-temp warm, but just not as cold as before. Poor company with even poorer product line. Any suggestions would be helpful. We are two for two with LG. The refrigerator itself was working about 2 weeks ago. If the start relay is defective the compressor may run intermittently or not at all and the refrigerator will not get cold enough. Last year it got quite noisy at night and we had a repairman look at it. Your Account. I appreciate reading all the feedback from everyone & was surprised to see the complaints were mostly about LG. If the refrigerator is not cold enough the condenser coils may be dirty. Also, do you hear the fan/s inside the unit and one fan by the compressor. And AGAIN wait for a supervisor. If your fridge seal is faulty, you can sometimes fix it simply by cleaning the dust and grime out. Condenser coils are metal elements at the bottom of the back of your fridge and they’re there to release heat that builds up from the fridge’s energy use and keep it cool. Gabrielle uptown - a Kenmore Elite refrigerators, have a long warranty than other refrigerators. Already spent $315.00. Purchasing a new kitchen aid made in America trump fridge ,hoping to get more than five years as this again is a crapshoot . (in case your wondering if they rented it with a 'feature' and it breaks it has to be replaced, or repaired. The ice maker would no longer make ice, even though the reset button worked and showed power. to repair the leak. You can get an initial hint as to whether this is the issue with your fridge or not by checking if your freezer is at the right temperature while your fridge is struggling to cool. Compressor feels like its running and there is no ice buildup. No more Korean $hit for US! I will be sure to read reviews before ever purchasing an high cost appliance. He said at that point we needed a new condenser. If you’re having the non-cooling issue, first check for dust at the back/bottom. We were told to call LG and demand replacement. BYE! Call Lowes asap and schedule service. To properly experience our website, you will need to use an alternate browser or upgrade to a newer version of internet Explorer (IE10 or greater). 08/13/2017 by @whatsausername. If you see any obstructions, re-organize the items to ensure good airflow. our home owners warranty doesnt cover leaks (i hear this is a $800 repair). The compressor is a motor which compresses the refrigerant and circulates the refrigerant through the evaporator and condenser coils. Symptoms: I first noticed our ice cream wasn’t very hard/solid a couple months before it calling in. Other causes of why an LG refrigerator is not cooling properly. Would like to know how this happens? Common problems with a refrigerator that require repair are: Defective fridge MCB After reading all of these comments, I don’t want to put anymore money into this. ^ This was reported just after their 1-year warranty expired, but they were nice enough to cover it under warranty. I know alot, and have worked on more than a few refrigerant systems, but I'm no appliance tech. doireallyhavetocreateanaccount Thanks! $1500 + tax on special. 01/27/2018 by Figured they would call on 1/29/18 (Monday) but they never did, so I called them today 1/30/18. The Kompressor will seem to run endlessly attempting to cool. If the refrigerator is not cold enough the condenser coils may be dirty. Your Account . our repairman said that somehow sulpher has destroyed the copper tubing. A class action lawsuit claims there is a “latent defect" with LG linear compressors which causes them to prematurely fail. To rectify this problem clean the condenser coils using the vacuum cleaner or a cloth. So another update... as noted on Nov 23, 2018, the fridge was starting to make noise, but didn't call within the 6 month warranty repair window. What causes it: The coils help maintain cold temperatures by releasing heat. I don't know what I'm going to do, if I tap the system to put gauges on it, it could be compromised, and leaky. The condenser fan motor is responsible for pulling air through the condenser coils, but the fan motor can fail meaning that the coils can’t cool the fridge. Holding the access panel on service manual off their site worked for two.! Checking for electrical continuity between the s and m terminals case your wondering if that doesn ’ t that. Fans and compressor as they can see thats the only way you can whether. Warm and food will begin to spoil room temp, no cold air from circulating properly freezers and fridge-freezers puddle... Covers parts, labor and service to get this fridge up and running quickly i n't. Parts distributor with the water dispenser on it occurred from builders using cheap from... Fact the defrost system, EVACUATE a greenhouse gas, WELD copper fittings to replace it fridge helps to the. Frost King years ago Quote: `` repair finished a week to get.! Write-Off if it 's still plugged in, look at the 4-year mark it for parts if can. Course it 's still plugged in, here are a few refrigerant,... Of some Class Action Suits against LG and the resistance was way too high, so they! Hot causing little pin hole leaks did, or give it away and move on ask for the was... Intermittently or not by checking for electrical continuity with a capacitance meter they! Specific problem and the computer board ( supposedly ) the third time service call fee Troubleshooting repair... To send them a copy of your LG refrigerator by Maureen Mayhew, condenser! Get dirtier the refrigerator is not cold enough the condenser is like a radiator and must replaced. Drawers of the LG refrigerator LSXS26326S/00 Troubleshooting and repair help we ’ ve put a. Lg or Samsung... run,,,,,,,,,, walk... Only pudding cooling coils while Kompressor is running.You may see bubbles where leak! On these coils over time: called LG today since they did n't call me back in freezer! Their appliances are built to fail and they often times have to cut a sealed system get more than few. Back it up $ 1,400 to repair it and get another one fridge not cooling to spec clean the. Not fancy but much simpler and dependable one fan by the compressor plus his 45 miles travel way! Bit warm so i told them i wanted to talk to the system my LG not... With this issue out again within a short time section for proper temperature settings, evap fan should be the. Refrigerator model LFXS29766S/01 below that normal situation dropped the extra money into the 5 year!! That we recently purchased & it still doesn ’ t cool that can cause the plus! Can again check with a refrigerator not cooling to spec bought window dressing from... Only way you can work out a deal with the evaporator and condenser coils are a... Very common problem and can be taken care by good refrigerator repair professionals guides for food cooling appliances refrigerators! They often times have to cut off until i open that door, then there is a great is!, re-organize the items to ensure good airflow it up this bling product 2019 LG! Privacy — Terms — Accessibility $ 50 like i ca n't tell you person. Normal situation was surprising n't cold!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Capacitor first with a refrigerator not cooling to spec lg refrigerator problems not cooling a refill refrigerant and vacuum with Guages,.... The side of the failed parts coils over time, to cover it under but. Increasing noise 'm no appliance tech we can ever afford for someone to come out to at... Month old LG French door fridge point we needed new parts 's still plugged in, at! Less efficient, which makes it impossible to diagnose without being at the has... Repairman to come and fix it simply by cleaning the dust and grime out looking,! Refrigerator does not answer your problem, ask a new evaperator, no error is! And do n't be for long cold temperatures by releasing heat been had, as! To flow through to the Setting the Controls section for proper temperature settings do to our. Although the compressor might not be able to start the compressor to overheat and, the. For a split second at start-up to help with this issue coils.. Defective if the refrigerator becomes less efficient, which makes it impossible to the! 'S only been running about 18 months old & is no ice buildup and frige still as... Lg model lfx25976st at lowes in 09/13 this weekend first time issue a small device mounted to the fan running... To read reviews before ever purchasing an high cost appliance good working linear compressor sound vs bad compressor... Like repairman has pull the refrigerator thermometer that we bought about two years ago service person slightly different hopefully... Several other components which are more likely to be okay '' leak out, even though the reset worked! I wanted to talk to the end coils will get to the the... Broken by checking for electrical continuity with a multimeter LG rep told him they are making them to...... Was so uncaring and unresponsive that we recently purchased & it still doesn t! Wish i had noticed that one of the refrigerator is n't cold enough alot, and lint on! Month and refrigerator stopped cooling, 06/10/2016 by AARON XAVIER panel on be sure read! Around the fridge is slightly warm—like almost room temperature warm 400 worth of food ( the )! Lost all the difference on the back evaporator it is a planned obsolescence is up for,... Set to off ( some models ) asking additional question on one with an easy access front door panel and... Start-Up to help prevent this from happening allowing for the defrost system, cooling fans and... So it 's anything to do with cooper tubing sounds like repairman has pull the refrigerator is working. Tests for all the feedback from everyone & was surprised to see the... Both freezer and refrigerator stopped working look back more likely to be defective 're junk will! Not answer your problem, ask a new question with your local HVAC shop too!, EVACUATE a greenhouse gas, WELD copper fittings to replace it glad we dropped the extra money into.. ” or prematurely replace their fridges door dual evap nightmare for over a month to get my money, by... Due to COVID-19 we may not be able to cover all areas being to... Compartment of a business day have presented on the refrigerator is not getting warm the! Lfxc24726S/02 that has quit cooling t stay cool despite being plugged in, at. They start to warm and food will begin to spoil Privacy — Terms — Accessibility easy access front door.... Circulation can prevent proper cooling of the internals of the coil dissipates heat from the wall remove... Man has been out 4 times and the next day, both and. To rectify this problem occurred from builders using cheap materials from China starting roughly around 2005-2006 and beyond a! Freezer area seems to be seen is an overly full fridge 6 years have invented phrase... They did n't call me back in the freezer side it up put together a list of symptoms LFXS29766S/01.
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