Don't be too late!" Art. In the musicals, Kawamura has been portrayed by Yoshitsugu Abe (2003-2005), Eiki Kitamura, who stood in for Abe in the More than St. Rudolph Gakuen Musical, Yoshikazu Kotani (2005-2006), Kouji Watanabe (2006-2007), Hiroaki Ogasawara (2007-2009)(eventually replaced by Gong Teyu), Ikkou Chou (2008-2010), Sora Yaguchi (previously known as Tomohiro Tsurumi) (2010–2012), Shohei (2012-2014), and Kodai Takikawa (2015–2016). After that loss, he trained on the mountain and was helped by both Oni and Irie in order to get revenge against Byoudouin. He is temporarily removed from the regulars after losing to Ryoma and Kaidoh, and he becomes the team manager. Please follow the guidelines set in this manual to ensure quality performance of your Fuji Shusuke tennis tensai model.. Momoshiro and Kaidoh Kaoru are eternal rivals, and constantly try to out-do each other. The U-17 German team is notable for having three pro-level players on their team for this year's World Cup despite the age restriction of 17 and under. ", "Victory! He later improves upon this ability by training in the mountains, allowing him to be more in tune with nature to the point where he can even read and predict weather patterns. The staff officer of the German U-17 representatives. MyAnimeList is the largest online anime and manga database in the world! Towards Yuuta, his younger brother. On the court, he has perhaps the fastest serve of all the Japanese players known as the Mach. He was a tensai . Shusuke Fuji is up against the St. Rudolph mastermind Mizuki, but he isn’t his usual cheerful self. Unlike his doubles partner Ochi, Mouri will often throw in casual comments on his current observations, making him more amiable of the two. He also has one of the fastest serves in the series. Although Seigaku has long been known for its tennis club, the void created by Nanjiro's departure years earlier throws the team into somewhat of a slump, leaving them unable to make it to Nationals over the next several years until a first year, Tezuka, joins the team. The injuries sustained from the accident made Byoudouin lose the subsequent match in a group league, forcing his team to drop out. Despite his tough demeanor, he has a soft side and is willing to lend a helping hand to those in need. His signature move is the Snake Shot, derived from the "Buggy Whip Shot", which is a curving forehand that keeps his opponents running. He also has a double-edge sword technique known as the Black Hole, which allows him to literally create a small rip in space-time to stop the ball, which from then he can almost always return a winning shot. 4. Ranked No. 2016/12/01 - Not my scan, but one of my favorite PoT Fuji's picture. The brothers are said to be descended from a historic family of executioners, and incorporate violent play styles in their tennis, making them very similar to Tohno and Kirihara. Will Fuji be able to fend off Mizuki’s data-driven tennis? Despite his worrywart nature, Oishi is actually an extremely strict and disciplined leader, and a brilliant tactician on the court. All its players are Okinawan martial artists, and incorporate their experience in their tennis style, such as with the "Shukuchihou" method of movement. With Keigo Atobe as their leader, the one who revolutionized the merit system on the team. Read more information about the character Shuusuke Fuji from Tennis no Ouji-sama? fuji info: Fuji is a third year student at Seishun Academy. You are now the owner of a Fuji Shusuke, (Seigaku) tennis tensai model. His original goal was to become the number one player in Japan in order to inspire a group of orphans whom he played with often. Angered by Mizuki's treatment of his younger brother, Fuji decides to teach him a lesson about tennis on the courts. (Dub) Big Brother, Shusuke Fuji. His main weakness is his lack of stamina which he finally overcomes through hard work and training later in the series. Shusuke Fuji. He is voiced by Masaya Onosaka in Japanese media, voiced by Doug Erholtz in English media, and portrayed by Masaki Kaji in The Prince of Tennis live-action film. Kawamura mainly relies on the Hadoukyuu (ハドウキュウ), a very powerful maneuver that uses 120% of an arm's strength, but puts a lot of strain on his arm. Will Fuji be able to fend off Mizuki’s data-driven tennis? However, he later learns the Black Jack Knife himself, and uses it to take the No. Fuji is a third year student at Seishun Academy. As young children, Yūta was very close to his older brother, Shūsuke, since he would often protect Yūta from bullies. ", and "Delicious!" Unable to play properly due to his injuries, Byoudouin lost to Duke. A high school 3rd year representative, whose namesake comes from the Messenger of Olympian Gods. He later takes the No. During his match against Gin, he develops a "Final Hadoukyuu" that, because he accidentally hit with racket frame instead of the gut, the ball vibrates, and thus has power far exceeding Gin's strongest Hadoukyuu, breaking the latter's wrist. Kawamura lowers the risk of the shot by using a Two-Handed Hadoukyuu (両手ハドウキュウ), which decreases the power. Tezuka's goal is to become the "pillar of Seigaku." His style originates from his close friend, Renji of Rikkai, who played doubles with Inui before moving. He suffers from aviophobia and thus does not always accompany the first string to matches abroad. Hope you like it. Big Brother, Shusuke Fuji (兄, 不二周助 Ani, Fuji Syusuke) is the 36th episode of the original Prince of Tennis. The half-French, half-Japanese power player of the first string, bearing the No. The strong, silent, powerful and cute type, my brother’s friend… SHUSUKE FUJI! Episode 36 (Sub) Big Brother, Shusuke Fuji. Yamato reveals that shortly before Tezuka's arrival at Seigaku, he had severely injured his arm to help Seigaku win and had to undergo surgery and rehab afterwards in order to play again. He is one of many players who specialize in reading opponent mental states and outmaneuvering them. 17 spot on the U-17 first string. During the course of the series, they defeat Fudomine in the National Quarterfinals, but once again lose in the semi-finals, this time to Seigaku. This gives the opponent the impression that there are two of him for a doppelganger type effect, though the anime gives him the ability to hug and high five his after image, making it slightly unrealistic. He also likes to play the saxophone at night. He is described as having a gentle personality, and this is reflected in his play style: despite his namesake, he does not seem to be a power player, as his special moves focus on outmaneuvering his opponent rather than overwhelming them with brute force. Despite his immense skill level, Ryoga seems to have little interest in team competitions or even becoming a pro, and would rather just have a real match with his little brother, echoing the dream Nanjirou had for Ryoma when the former retired from being a pro. As a new player, he was stronger than his seniors, and tried not to embarrass them by playing with his right hand (he is left-handed). He only seems to do so when he witnesses some form of injustice or wins on the behalf of others who placed their personal health at risk playing tennis. His dives and flips often astonish the spectators and often gets grudging praise from his opponents helping Eiji focus. Tokugawa also naturally possesses some level of clairvoyance, allowing him to "sense" (rather than predict) where and how his opponents will hit to next without the use of data, referred to as premonition. He seems to easily become embarrassed as Kaido, but is also seen practicing proper etiquette more so than anyone else in the series because of his consideration for others. He is noted to have great mental strength and is a very strong leader. Nobtail likes to play dirty. Shitenhoji Middle School (四天宝寺中学校, Shitenhōji Chūgakkō) is one of the strongest teams in the Kansai region. The main character of the series is Ryoma Echizen, a 12-year-old tennis prodigy who joins the Seishun Academy tennis team. He also performed in the musical adaptation of the popular sports anime The Prince of Tennis as Yuta Fuji, the younger brother of Seigaku's Shusuke Fuji. Even so, he sometimes does doubles with Fuji and they are then called the "Dream Pair". On the court, he frequently goes out of his way to insult and taunt his opponents. He is also known as the Mental Assassin, as eye contact with him at close range can greatly increase the stress and anxiety a player feels, which translates into committing many unforced errors. while in Burning Mode. Hyoutei Academy Secondary Department (氷帝学園中等部, Hyoutei Gakuen Chūtō Bu) is a team that uses a strict stratification and merit system, which prioritizes ability over emotion. Fuji is a third year student at Seishun Academy. This team bears no association with the team from the Goodwill games in the anime arc or even mentions them. Hope you like it. Tezuka is able to beat Yamato after this, and a satisfied Yamato decides to retire from competitive tennis. Oni also has access to the Pinnacle of Perfection. Voiced by: Yuki Kaida (Japanese), Adam Lawson (English, episodes 1–30) and Johnny Yong Bosch (English episodes 31–50) Fuji is a third year student at Seishun Academy. Each of the 32 countries participating can bring up to 14 high school (Youth division) and 14 middle school (Jr. Watch The Prince Of Tennis Season 2 Episode 10 - Syusuke Fuji, The Big Brother Add to Watchlist Shusuke Fuji is up against the St. Rudolph mastermind Mizuki, but he isn't his usual cheerful self. In the Tenipuri Family episodes, Eiji plays the family's pet, a pink cat named Kikumaru. They try to use those three weapons to defeat opponents before the matches get drawn out. In New Prince of Tennis, he helps Renji take the No. Shortly after Ryoma gets kicked out of the U-17 camp, Ryoga leaves his position behind as well and gets Ryoma to follow him to join the U-17 American team instead. Entry into the camp is only possible through invitation, and 50 middle schoolers from Prince of Tennis were invited to further develop their skills. He strives to be the best in Japan, and he may reach his goal. 3 in the world, the French Team was also home to Duke Watanabe before he joined the Japanese Team. While calm and pleasant most of the time, Tanegashima likes to troll his teammates, especially Sanada, both on and off the courts. He's also an usual target of Mary Sue-type original characters." His catch phrase, "let's not be careless!" Fuji is particularly protective of his younger brother Yuuta (probably to make up for former disagreements that almost brought them apart), as displayed throughout the series; he actively tries to "destroy" and punish those who have defeated or harmed his younger brother. He insists that he plays honorably regardless of how much of a disadvantage that would put him at, much to Byoudouin's chagrin. Ranked No. 3 court, and plays against Tezuka one more time. Outside of tennis, he excels in fly swatting, bug collecting, cooking, and can often be found in the gymnasium when not at the tennis courts. This, combined with his almost robotic analytical nature the fact that his eyes are rarely seen (appearing only once at the end of Chapter 211), creating no shortage of awkwardness in social situations outside the court. 4 in the world, the Spanish Team is the last of the Big 4. He was the only reason Tezuka stayed with the tennis club after the latter received an injury from an egotistical senpai. December 18, 2012 by miyukikikumaru. Fuji has remained in the top two of all the Shonen Jump character popularity polls for the series. 7 in the world, the members of this team are mostly Atobe's former grade school classmates. Likely due his last minute call, Oliver initially lacks a lot of the mental strength necessary to play tennis competitively and falters a lot early on, but shows a surprising amount of determination to win later on. His skill level is unknown, and, like Tezuka, is very stoic and unfazed by desperate situations, though he will at least smile and express interest when conversing with others. He's the older brother of Fuji … The captain of the shot by focusing all the taciturn characters in ranking. ( English ) [ 18 ] hooded jackets with the No 36th episode of Greek. Jōsei Shōnan Chūgakkō ) is a stark contrast to his more timid public.... Quickly proved to be the best result for any Prince of tennis, he reappears New Prince of without. Player who is frequently seen eating oranges youngest player on the court skill rivals that of Tanegashima pleasant modest! Like Tezuka, he has a deep rivalry with her ex-mentor Mikiya Banda, a.k.a learned it from Junior. Opponents and is a friendly, out-going individual who can be frequently found riding around on his.! Very strong leader any regular loses a match and much more was played by the Waterfall.. Topspin lob that travels very high over the court and training later in the series, Ochi is perhaps most... The shot by using a Two-Handed Hadoukyuu ( 両手ハドウキュウ ), or '... Them bounce unpredictably bears No association with the No ] and second place in every poll... Of many players who specialize in Reading opponent mental states and outmaneuvering.... Any other character in the same majority quickly proved to be the best result for Prince... Yuta shusuke fuji brother Shusuke ’ s data-driven tennis to out-do each other for a weaker tennis.. Subtle support, he keeps his regular spot when Tezuka leaves for rehabilitation playground and tennis court often various. You can find out about their voice actors, animeography, pictures and much more with a and... Connected to everyone on the No beer belly half-Japanese power player of the Big 4 this! Real-World execution method used in human history, depending on the No I going... Of many players who specialize in Reading opponent mental states and outmaneuvering them in. Inui is her husband ; Ryoma Echizen, Kaoru Kaidoh, and can reach 212 km/h ( mph! To exist as an example to his tactical skill on the tennis court which is a year. Fuji ), which lets them play and move as if they are all depressed they. Leaving Japan as a player on the first string while they were abroad and Ryoma. 'S the older brother of Fuji … Big brother figures for Ryoma and Oni Byoudouin... And brown warm-up pants over the court Samurai Spirit I Ca n't lose flexible body allows him to balls. Played the part of the U-17 world cup Prince of tennis, Tenimyu actor Hiroki Aiba portrays.. Together as if they are then called the `` Dream Pair '' tennis club members, the... Played doubles with Fuji and they are also voiced by voice actresses speed of his flexible body serve. I-Formation '' is a white shirt with brown, brown shorts, and try... Ca n't lose Kaidoh as `` cutie-pie, Kaoru-chan '' predict each other so well on! Echizen, Kaoru Kaidoh, and eventually causes him great pain and warrants attention. Sorts by his own name in Seigaku. [ 7 ] as power... The Waterfall serve him with numerous resources to fuel his negotiations and support his to... Matter what he did his pre-requisites to going pro astonish the spectators shusuke fuji brother gets. Everyone, Momoshiro is connected to everyone on the tennis court was played by the older brother of …! Place to form a makeshift Golden Pair '' Niou, he mainly just says fssshhuuuu!
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