... 1UP USA racks seem to have a rabid following. The tire release mechanism is also more user friendly. However, you'll need to get extra tools to help you install it. Our 1 Up Bike Rack review found that these racks are constructed out of aluminum and can be folded up when not in use, opening up easy access to the rear of the vehicle. It’s a little unnerving at first, you get used to it after a while. Not sure how this mechanism for securing the rack in the hitch compares to the old one but I had mine come loose on me a fair amount of times when it was mounted on my BRZ. During the summer, I usually go on long vacations and take my bike with me. 1UP Bike Rack Mini-Review. For starters, it takes up a vast floor space that can be used in keeping anything else. Patent Patrol: EZ hydro routing from Shimano & Campy… causing headaches for others? The handle clearly shows a lot of scratches and dings as a result of this huge design oversight. We removed it from the box, folded the trays to their open position, and it is ready to mount on our vehicle and use. The rack ships folded and ready to mount with some minor assembly. Pins with ball detents that pop in and out to adjust the arm height. Hitch Racks. Learn how your comment data is processed. 1Up USA is famous for their bike trainers so we were excited at the opportunity to try their bike racks. Are some of the new components able to be bolted to older 1up racks? Bike transportation options are as … As a camper who has arrived really really late in campgrounds in pouring rain, let me tell ya, I appreciate the RakAttach. The rack stash is made of durable steel. If you're storing some tools that you don't use frequently, you can add some shelves near the ceiling to benefit from it. 1Up Bike Rack Review – Easily Mount It to Your Garage’s Wall. If you make a purchase, OnlyBicycle.com may receive a small commission at no additional cost to you. • Contact Us Or you can purchase replacement parts directly from 1Up. If you are hauling four bikes and need to get in back, forget about it. 1UP USA makes some of the most popular bike racks for cars, especially in the fat bike market. And when the bikes are racked on the attaching rack, you’ll notice the bikes sway more so than if the rack is attached directly to your vehicles hitch port. Other times, the rack itself gets scratched. Traveling with your bike is an important part of the experience, and a quality tray hitch rack, in our opinion, is one of the best options when you’re within driving distance. After months of owning the new rack, I compare it to Thule, Kuat, and other racks I have owned. The inside parts are made of aluminum, while the hardware is zinc-plated. At a race in Sacramento, someone on a bike caught up to me asking about the rack. Reagarding the sentence: “The arms have a little extra sway, and without two points of contact on the front wheel, the bikes have a tendency to wobble a good amount”, can you explain a bit more about “…without two point of contact on the front wheel”? Some specific features make this rack stash stand out. The fenders are a joke, wish I could have just gotten the rack. It'll take you about 10 to 15 minutes to install it. Get Bikerumor’s top stories delivered straight to your inbox every week! It's powder-coated as well, so you can tell that it'll last. The quality is unparalleled, but we’ve had our gripes. The rack stash comes with a thorough manual that gives you clear instructions on how to install your rack stash. However, you'll find a few holes around the grey area. Because it’s made of aluminum, there’s virtually no concern of parts wearing out or deteriorating under the harsh sun. The left-swing version has worked out perfectly for him, without any of the exhaust related issues of the right-swing-only Kuat Pivot. So I’ve had a series of hitch racks bolted to the hitch of two different Toyota trucks over the last eight years and carried a huge variety of bicycle species over thousands of miles and hundreds of rides. My friend also complained about the 1.25″ loosening up occasionally. You can easily mount it to your garage's wall and keep it clutter-free. However, if you want even more of a stout set up, RakAttach says you can add a threaded pin insert as well for the ultimate anti-wobble/anti-sag set up. *Editor's Note: "Capacity" refers to weight capacity per bike. The Competition. The ramp I need to prep for the extra weight after I modify our bikes to ebikes. Open the wheel clamps on either side by pulling up on the red ratcheting lever. However, you should take all the necessary measures of the racks ahead because you don't want them overlapping. Categories: Reviews Gear Review: 1UP Bike Rack by ExperiencePlus! I guess he thought no one was in the vehicle.I had to get out to tell him he was in our way. Sometimes the rack falls, leaving marks on my floor, and sometimes it even leaves marks on the wall. OnlyBicycle.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by linking to Amazon.com. If you still have some questions about the 1UP rack stash, then maybe you'll find your answer here. Bike Racks. Moreover, if the total weight is under 90 pounds, you might have the opportunity to mount your bike on the wall as well. You human? There is an immense amount of torque on the hitch with the RakAttach fully loaded and extended away from the vehicle so this is an important feature. You can place it on any wall and use it to hang tools, rakes, and shovels. I don’t see where there is reduced wheel contact on the Equip-D vs the Super- or Heavy-Duty models. If you lower the rack to tilt the bikes away from a hatch on an SUV, the blue anodized handle hits the ground (I drive a Toyota Highlander, so its not really low). 43 pounds for the RakAttach on top of the 50-plus pound rack.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'bikerumor_com-large-mobile-banner-1','ezslot_8',623,'0','0'])); And finally, yes, the Equip-D Double will set you back $730 and the RakAttach another $360 bucks. There have been a couple of minor complaints, though. As a precaution, and to help eliminate the sway, he added some lines from the outermost bike to his roof rack rails, which helped, but talk about cheesy. My gripes with the full set up? The 2” version has a safety pin. One of the best features for Element owners like Zach, is that the RakAttach is available in either left or right swing. They are a small company located in Southwestern Wisconsin that manufactures their racks in Wisconsin and sells them directly to the consumer. We offer branding well beyond the standard banner, providing meaningful interaction and powerful connections to drive awareness and sales for your company. It was a good audible warning. I just add them in the lower holes when I take the kids bikes, no tools needed and no need to remove the top bolt. But in reality, there are times when a ride starts with a drive. * 1-Up did not request a review, nor encourage it, in fact, all they wanted was my opinion in a series of surveys. And if they do wear out, you can find the nuts and bolts at your local hardware store. Open the rack into the flat position using the single pull bar underneath. Brilliant design and features but could use a bit more refinement Our rating . The folding bracket system uses a clever design that secures the bike to the rack by pinching over the tires, keeping all contact points off the bike’s frame. There exists a bike rack out there with a cult-like following. And compared to the previous line of rack’s 12-inch base, the Equip-D has a narrow 4-inch base. You’ll need an extra set of hands to reach the lever and maneuver the loaded rack. We love learning the technology and celebrating innovation at every level -from crowdfunded start ups to major global brands- and sharing it all here with you! Let's start with the design. It’s more of a trade-off. So if you buy one in the 1.25 version, carry your multi tool they now include with the rack and check it at every gas stop. Gear; 1UP USA Quik Rack Bike Rack Review. During the summer, I usually go on long vacations and take my bike with me. When all is set, get some labels and stick them on the shelves or racks so that you can find what you're looking for easily. At first glance, it looks like a science project as the whole unit looks CNC'd and the bike retention mechanism looks unlike any we've seen before. I have had the Kuat for 5 years now and I recently purchased the 1Up bike rack. With some tooled adjustments, the racks can fit fat bikes to kids bikes, and the design allows you to stagger bikes so they don’t rub against each other. They're inexpensive, and you can get them in the size you want and place them anywhere. Namely, to drop the tray you need to reach under the rack to release the spring-loaded lever out of the locked position. Finally, there are storage racks that you can hang from the ceiling. Thanks. The RakAttach system attaches to your automobile’s trailer hitch port with a hairpin cotter pin and accepts a 2” rack hitch. Kuat racks are heavy, and luckily they're compatible with the 1UP rack stash. We’ve tested just about every kind of bike rack available, somehow the 1UP bike rack system was something that seemed to elude us, until now. You secure the rack to your vehicle by tightening the hex bolt in back which tightens the corner expander marble against the hitch port. See our guide to the best hitch-mounted bike racks of 2020, with reviews of top platform-style and hanging racks from Thule, Kuat, Yakima, and more. How to Move a Bike, When Pedaling isn’t an Option. The 1UP rack stash is a suitable option if you don't want your rack to get in the way. I used the Saris Freedom Super Clamp two bike on a couple of trips last summer and as seriously impressed with how easy it was to load the bikes, and just how stable they felt, and looked as well as we went down the road. Sean. We used this rack in it’s 4-bike arrangement this summer, and the I was seriously concerned the blue handle would break due to the weight resting on it. You might think that a rack stash is a luxury item, but let me tell you why it's worth it. Check them out at rakattach.com and 1up-usa.com. When you buy the 1UP rack stash, you get to change between 1.25 and 2-inch hitch racks. The CPVC unit I made is a coupler on each end and a short piece of pipe (about 1.5″ I think) between them (1/2″ CPVC). I was mortified when we got back from a 4 day trip to find I could literally just slide the entire assy. • How We Make Money In an ideal world I would ride my bike everywhere. I was considering ditching my heavy, old T2 like you did – I guess now I’ll just keep it and save the money. To remove, reverse the process by lifting up the ratcheting levers and releasing tension on the wheels. That was all on the 1up bike rack review. It already comes with three 1-inch fender washers and three ⅜ x 2 ½ inches lag bolts. My friends who were traveling separately were hauling two bikes (lighter ones to boot) on their 1UP and the amount of movement they had was unnerving. According to RakAttach, the decision was made to use the plate-style anti-rattle device because it seemed to support the rack better than a threaded hitch pin. I just recently added on the ramp, the actuator to fold up the rack and 1 pair of quick slide for our folding bike. Wall studs are durable, and they're designed to bear the loads, so theoretically, you should be able to install two rack stashes on the same stud. I was easily able to tilt my T2 Pro without issue, and this feature is essentially useless on this (much more expensive) rack. This year 1Up released the Equip-D Double rack which addresses these issues. I was unable to use the tilt mechanism on our vacation as a result. All in all, any rack that's 90 pounds or less should be mounted easily. Ask me how I know? The mechanism still requires two hands to operate though (one on the ratchet mechanism, and the other on the wheel hoop) which can sometimes complicate loading and unloading.eval(ez_write_tag([[728,90],'bikerumor_com-medrectangle-4','ezslot_9',104,'0','0'])); The Equip-D is available with either a 1.25” or 2” hitch bar and sold as a single or double tray. Mounting the RakAttach and rack took me ~30 minutes and I was able to install it in my LBS’s parking lot using the tools included in the box. Place the bike in the tray. 2021 BH Lynx Race EVO gives lightweight, trail-ready upgrade to XC... Every Indoor Training Platform Compared – Zwift vs Kinomap vs RGT... CX Pro Bike Check: Wout van Aert’s all-new 2021 Bianchi Zolder... #Vanlife: Comparing 2019 Winnebago Revel Sprinter 4×4 & Travato adventure vans. TL:DR – I paid nearly $1400 for the full 4-bike configuration of this rack, with locks, and I feel as though I got less rack-for-the-money than I did with my Thule T2 Pro. We took a look at the user reviews on Mtbr and it exhibited a staggering 4.8/5 stars with 96 reviews. 1UP USA Super Duty Double Bike Rack Review. Did I mention I always get stopped by folks asking about my setup? The rack stash will handle the bike racks, but what about the rest of the garage? It has an integral locking knob. The bikes bounce and twist a lot while driving. I’m not sure why the decided to narrow the stance so much, but it has greatly reduced the stability of the rack. We’ve been using 1Up’s Super Duty Double rack for about five years now. That's why you'll need to make use of every inch. Thanks for your thorough review. -The bikes are not as well retained as they are on the Thule (if you tilt the rack with bikes on it, the front wheel can rotate, allowing the bike to shift noticeably). This two part whe… That’s led to some updates to the RakAttach, with the latest version seen here. • Comment Policy Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for 1UP USA Rack Stash, Hitch Mounted Bike Rack Storage, Ski and Cargo Garage Organizer, Wall Mounted, 2" Made in USA at Amazon.com. • Ask A Stupid Question We looked at their site and were not that impressed as the photos don't do it any justice. The hardware provided is for wooden studs, so all you'll need to do is get cement anchors, and you'll be good to go. I realize the Saris isn’t as fancy or sleek, but it’s still USA made, has a lifetime warranty and was sturdy as hell with two 30lb bikes on it. The bike is great! Furthermore, some people use it to mount cargo carriers, mounted baskets, and ski racks. I’ve been a 1 Up-USA Rack owner for quite a few years and I’ve been involved with fat-bike.com’s reviews of wide-format hitch racks in both a hands-on product tester and editorial role. But as we used it extensively, we learned about […] The 1 up bike rack has been my favorite piece of mountain bike equipment that I’ve ever bought. Now, are you ready to declutter your garage? Full disclosure: While I purchased my original 1-Up Quik Rack and extra trays, I did not pay for this Equip-D, rather I was chosen along with dozens of other individuals to test out the rack and offer valuable PR&D over six months. I’m having a little trouble picturing it. In addition, the rack itself is WAY more flexible that the previous version and even more flexible than the markedly cheaper Thule T2 Pro. Mountain Biking with the Garmin Fenix 5X April 12, 2017 . The ratcheting levers automatically lock in tension. 1up Rack review. To install the RakAttach, you’ll need to bolt on the Latch and Hook mechanism. If it's folded, 23 inches, and if it's opened, 45 inches. -The locks are not included and are an additional cost, and they only lock the wheel to the rack. Also, make sure you don't over tighten the extra accessories, so as not to damage the rack's holes. 1UP has one on sale for $12 and one for $19 at regular price. In the world of bike racks, 1Up USA set a high bar for durability and quality. This happens a bit with the 2 bike version, but its catastrophic with any extensions attached. This makes camping with bikes an infinitely more enjoyable experience. Bikerumor Pic Of The Day: Cottonwood Trail, Nevada. No matter what your crew is running, the rack can handle them all – however switching between wheel sizes is not a particularly quick process, and requires tools. It's essential to take all the measures before drilling. However, when summer days are over, I wouldn't say I like keeping the rack-mounted, so I store it in the garage. It's easy to installIt's sturdy and made of durable materialIt comes with its hardware, The instruction manual is clear and easy to follow, It's suitable for two different hitch sizes, It can be used to lift your bike during maintenance, It's aesthetically pleasing, and it saves space, 1UP USA Rack Stash - Hitch Mounted Bike Rack Storage Review, 1UP USA Rack Stash, Hitch Mounted Bike Rack Storage. A bunch of Korean tourists could not stop taking photos at a travel stop down I5. You literally have zero safety catch of any sort if the bolt loosens. But considering the upgrades and that you are buying a made in America product … with a rack made entirely from aluminum… to haul your pride investments… we think it’s got most of the right upgrades. Some users say that when mounting a 1.25-inch Kuat rack, the paint can be scratched a bit by the red parts. Others implied that the width is a little too wide, causing the rack to wobble. 1UP USA Equip-D bike rack review. Aside from maintaining the rack off the floor, the 1UP rack stash is also an excellent option if you want to lift your bike while working on it or filling the tires with air.