The kinetic train is a concept describing the transfer of energy from the trunk to the shoulder and arm (Kibler 1990). Clinical Orthopaedics and Related Research and Joint Surgery—American Volume 69, 676–678. In fact five ‘joints’ of impor-tance to ‘shoulder’ function can be distinguished: 1 •glenohumeral joint (1)The •acromioclavicular joint (2)The •sternoclavicular joint (3)The • subacromial joint … The Shoulder: Complex Joint Simplified 51st OCFP ASA November 30th, 2013 Marie-Jos e Klett, MD CCFP Dip Sport Med Louise Walker, MD CCFP FCFP Dip Sport Med – A free PowerPoint PPT presentation (displayed as a Flash slide show) on - id: 84910e-ZGFiN • Injury to the shoulder joint is … 1987). The impingement syndrome in paraplegics. The purpose of the study was to examine the resultant joint forces (RJFs) and torques (RJTs) at the shoulder, elbow, and wrist during penalty throws and determine the relationships between muscle actions and motions of the throwing arm. The function of the shoulder girdle requires an optimal and . This study reports for the first time shoulder joint kinetics and dynamics during underwater forward arm elevation performed at speeds ranging from 22.5 to 90°/s. They are therefore known as the “hamstrings” of the glenohumeral joint (Cain et al. JOINT allows the greatest range of movement • In this type of joint, one end of the bone is shaped like a ball, and it fits into a hollow socket at the end of another joint. Journal of Bone wheelchair propulsion. The scapular muscles transfer the potential energy of the trunk to kinetic energy in the shoulder. 1, right upper panel]. • Held together by ligaments and tendons Two main Ball and Socket Joints: Shoulder and hip joints Ball and socket Ball and Socket joint 11/27/2017 12 Instability tests Apprehension sign •Arm 90 degabducted, 90 degexternal rotation ... Microsoft PowerPoint - Shoulder examination PCSM 2017 (002) [Read-Only] Shoulder joint kinetics during the push phase of shoulder. • The joint is sensitive to pain, pressure, excessive traction, and distension. Prospective study using biomechanics patient data. To analyze shoulder joint kinetics while propelling a wheelchair placed on a treadmill and compare shoulder joint … KINETIC ANALYSIS OF THE SHOULDER JOINT DURING PUSH-UP WITH A SWISS BALL Wu, Y-L 1, Chang Y-W , Wu H-W2 1Department of Exercise and Health Science, National Taiwan University of Physical Education and Sport, Taichung, Taiwan 2 Department of Physical Education, National Taiwan University of Physical Education and Sport, Taichung, Taiwan email: integrated motion of several joints. shoulder overuse injuries.12Delineation of the shoulder joint kinetics that contribute to the development of racquet velocity in the flat (WFS) and kick (WKS) wheelchair serves, and that are associated with shoulder joint injury, is thus important and was the focus of … Slight joint compression Anterior / posterior translation Inferior pull for sulcus sign Relax patient. We calculated three shoulder joint torques [abduction/adduction (τ sx), internal/external (τ sy), and flexion/extension (τ sz)] and one elbow joint torque [flexion/extension (τ ez), Fig. • The muscles surrounding the joint undergo reflex spasm in response to pain originating in the joint, which in turn serves to immobilize the joint and thus reduce the pain. The elbow joint was assumed to be a pivot, and the shoulder joint to be a spherical joint.
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